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Me during Delena scenes:


Stelena + 5x18 parallels.

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Millennium Snow, Vol. 1Millennium Snow, Vol. 1 by Bisco Hatori
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Rating 4.5

Millennium Snow is an oldie but definite goodie worthy of your time. It’s about an girl named Chiyuki whom, despite an serious heart condition, longs to see the first snow before she dies. She unexpectedly meets an sharp tongued vampire named Toya who has an strong distaste towards humans and even possibly blood in general. Halfway though the manga we come across another guy who is similar to Toya.

One of my favorite things about Bisco Hatori’s works is that her characters have amazing depth. Even though they come off sometimes too mean or even too nice to be true, there are excellent reasonings that really make you feel for the characters, their back stories speak to you so well. I also love her blend of silly, laugh out loud moments, intense, serious and touching, tugs-at-your-heartstrings scenes. especially (view spoiler)

The artwork is less clean and refined then her newer Ouran works and her characters look exactly (especially if you read Ouran first) like Ouran’s: Chiyuki = Girly Haruhi, Toya = Glassesless Kyouta and Satsuki = Tamaki with earrings.

That being said, I HIGHLY recommend this series if you want an lighthearted, less gorey vampire romance story.

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colors: okumura rin + purple

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