Day 5: Favorite Relationship

"All the time, every day. I was brought up to believe I had to be perfect. A perfect warrior, a perfect son. Even when I came to live with the Lightwoods, I thought I had perfect, because otherwise they would send me away. I didn’t think love came with forgiveness. And then you came along, and you broke everything I believe into pieces, and I started to see everything differently. You had–so much love, and so much forgiveness, and so much faith. So I started to think that maybe I was worth that faith. That I didn’t have to be perfect; I had to try, and that was good enough. You have changed me for the better, and even if you left me, I would still have that. Not that you have to leave me.”

"You’re shaking." 

"You make me, every time–every time" 

"Like I need directions"

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Sorry, not sorry but need to vent about CERTAIN Megatokyo pages. SPOILER ALERT in case anyone is reading late in the game like me.

My reactions/rants regarding these pages.

Page 682:

Page 683:

WHY ON EARTH DID YOU TELL HIM THAT?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, ERIKA?! He has been nothing but protective to you lately, Helped you with the computer stuff and he was even going on about what great l33t stuff you had and YOU had to open your mouth and SAY SUCH AN THING?!

Page 684:

Page 685:

Page; 686

THANK YOU! Finally someone talked some sense into Piro.

……Oh no, Here comes Largo….

Page; 687 - 688

Page: 689

For Largo.

For Piro.

Page: 690


This webcomic is ruining me….

Erika: Hello?
Largo: Yo.
Erika: How are you this morning?
Largo: Well enough.
Erika: So what are your plans for today?
Largo: HEY!!
Erika: Yes?
Largo: You did not expect to find me down here.
Largo: Are you leaving because of… T3H AWKWARD?
Largo: Or because I abandoned the battle without providing any communication regarding my retreat.
Largo: I understand that this was a tactical error.
Largo: Is the game over?
Erika: Do you want it to be?
Largo: No. I haven’t mastered it yet.
Erika: *Snerk*
Largo: What?
Erika: “T3H AWKWARD?”

Okay, so in the midst of my obsession with Dramacon, I came across Megatokyo.

I stumbled upon pages that were already dripping with sweet Piro x Kimiko..

And Largo x Erika.

So I’ve been reading from the beginning and Wow, Piro and Largo were so different.

Plus, I’m really enjoying it, Just finished Chapter 0.


"You Look So Fine"

You look so fineI want to break your heart  | And give you mine

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